La Sagrada Familia

19 Nov

Second day of school at SEK was wonderful! My supervising teacher was away at a professional development in Florence, Italy (I’m a little jealous…wish we had PD in Florence…ha) so, I observed the other Natural Science teacher. She can speak English, however she teaches the majority of her classes in Spanish or Catala. There was a language barrier, but it was fun to watch her teach, and I enjoyed trying to pick up on what she was telling the students. In two of the classes, chemistry labs were performed. The students were learning about limiting reagents and precipitates. In the third  class, the students watched a video about the Ocean. After class, my teacher was so nice and told me the places we should tour in Barcelona. She made a list of everything and drew a map for us, which really helped on Saturday when we made our first adventure to Barcelona!

After school, we visited La Garriga again. We mainly just walked around, window shopped, and enjoyed the architecture and culture. We also found a nice restaurant were we grabbed a bite to eat.

The next day, Saturday, we made our first big adventure into Barcelona. After getting some help at the train station in La Garriga, we were able to figure out which tickets we needed to purchase to get into town and get back home. The train ride was only about 40 minutes. Once we arrived in Barcelona, and stopped to get a map, we headed off to visit La Sagrada Familia. This is the most absolutely amazing church. The building was started in 1882, and it was designed by Antoni Gaudi, who is one of the most famous international architectures. To this day, it is still not complete. They hope to finish it by the year 2025. There is so much detail and meaning to the designs in the Church, I cannot even begin to explain what all of it means on the blog.  Below are a few pictures that I took, however, these pictures do not even do the Church justice. (If you want to know more about the Church, let me know and I will be happy to bring more pictures and show you. It really was beautiful. I could go back 20 times and still not see all of the intricate details. Words cannot explain how beautiful it is.) Hopefully in one of our next visits, we will see a few more of his famous pieces.





After visiting La Segrada de Familia, we stopped at a restaurant and grabbed a sandwich and french fries, and we did  a little more exploring. Then, before heading back to La Garriga, we took a look around the huge department store near our train stop.

We are headed back to Barcelona tomorrow…hopefully to see more Gaudi architecture, the Mediterranean Sea, where  the 1992 Olympic’s were held, and a few other great things… 🙂


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