Another one bites the dust.

25 Nov

Week one is done, well almost. It’s been a great week. It’s also been a pretty easy week as far as teaching. We gave an exam yesterday, so all week the students had time to study in class. I had wondered why the teacher was allowing them so much in-class time to study, and he informed me that because the class is in English, he has to allow them time to study. If they only studied at home, and they had a question about what the English word meant, they wouldn’t be able to have that question answered.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Very different, since they don’t celebrate it. haha. My teacher allowed me to explain the holiday in some of our classes. I talked about various things like turkey (because you can’t find turkey in this area anywhere!), the wishbone, Native Americans, Pilgrims,  not having to go to school for 3 days (which a student then told me he was moving to the United States), and then we went around and said what we were thankful for (one student said that the last hour of school was almost over..haha). It was a lot of fun.

There are some other students here who are completing some type of student teaching. I don’t really understand it, but they are called Gap Students and they are here for the year. They live in the school and don’t get paid much. Most of them are from the UK and had never celebrated Thanksgiving before, so they really wanted to do it. So, last night, we cooked chicken (because as I said, you can’t find turkey anywhere. We tried.), corn, green beans, a few appetizers, mashed potatoes, macaroni ‘n cheese, and sweet potatoes. We then all sat down to a big table and ate a Thanksgiving dinner together. The meal actually turned out pretty good. The majority of the cooking supplies we use at home they do not have in their stores, but it all worked out.

We are headed to Rome today. I’m excited and a bit anxious, but I think it will be a blast. (Once again, hoping my luggage isn’t too big.) However, I’m going to catch about another 30 minutes of sleep before class! Adios.


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