Barca, Barca, Barrrrrcccaaaaaaaa!!!!

30 Nov

I have officially been to a futbol game! It was so much fun. The crowd was so enthusiastic and so excited about the game. Oh, and to make it even better Barcelona won!

Week #3 is going very well. I taught my first lesson this morning, and it felt so good to finally be back in front of a class! The lesson was over stimulus and reaction. My teaching style is a little different than my cooperating teacher’s. We started with a bell ringer (which the students had never really done, because there are no bells and they do not change classrooms), and then we took notes for a bit. I had an activity planned for the students that demonstrated how different stimuli affect one’s balance and cause different reactions. Overall, I think the students enjoyed the lesson. It’s so fun finally getting to really interact with them.

Later today, they have a couple of assemblies and we are dissecting eyes. Then tomorrow I will teach a few more classes! šŸ™‚


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