First full day of teaching!

1 Dec

Today was my first full day of teaching!! I have taught a few lessons here and there, but today was my first day to teach all of my cooperating teacher’s classes (Well except for the class where we dissected eyes). All of my classes went very well! (But I must admit, I’m exhausted!) The classes I taught were 1st eso A and 1st eso B (7th grade), 2 eso B (8th grade), and 3rd eso B (9th grade). The students are a bit younger than I’m used to teaching, but overall I think the lesson went well. The younger students’ English is not as good, but it’s good experience to learn how to communicate with the students whose primary language is not English.

In 1st eso I taught water (water properties and the water cycle). We went to the lab during 1st eso A and did activities that demonstrate the water properties, cohesion and universal solvent. We will also be completing this lab tomorrow in 1st eso B. In 2nd eso B, we studied stimuli and reaction, along with asexual and sexual reproduction. In 3rd eso B, we studied human reproduction, and in 3rd eso A, we dissected eyes.

The schedule of classes is so different at SEK. The classes do not meet at the same time everyday. For example 1st eso B meets at 9:30 on Monday, 10:20 on Tuesday, 4:20 on Thursday, and 9:30 on Friday. Therefore, the subjects that we went over today in some of the courses, we will also study tomorrow in the courses that did not meet.

So far, teaching in SEK has been a great experience. The students have begun to stop and talk to all of us in the hallways, and I’m really starting to feel like a member of the SEK community. 🙂


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