Vic Medieval Festival

5 Dec

This week ended very well with a wonderful Friday. I continued teaching the water cycle, mitosis, and the female reproductive system. The classes went well, and after school we went to La Garriga for dinner. On Saturday, I woke up and went on a nice morning run, and then we all headed into Barcelona. We visited the 1992 Olympic Stadium and ate dinner on the Mediterranean Sea. It was absolutely beautiful!! Then, on Sunday, we headed back to Barcelona and spent the day on Las Ramblas. Las Ramblas is a street full of vendors, restaurants, and cafes. We spent the day wandering up and down the street and for lunch we stopped and ate chicken paella, which was my first paella experience while in Spain. It was very good.

Today, there was no school, so we headed to the Medieval Festival in Vic. During medieval times, Vic was one of the most powerful cities in Catalonia. This was the 16th annual festival, and it was so much fun!! If you are ever near Barcelona in December, you should definitely go! There were streets full of that sold food, jewelry, headbands, swords, shields, and other knick-knack items. The men and women working the festival were dressed in medieval costumes and there were plenty of swords, shields, and costumes for sell. The food was also very good! We all had a delicious chicken sandwich and then we each sampled a different dessert. I had some type of coconut ball that was dipped in chocolate. It tasted just like a samoa Girl Scout cookie, except better. The festival was so much fun, and we had a great day exploring Vic:)


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