Happy Hump Day!

7 Dec

Here are some pictures from the Vic Medieval Festival that I forgot to upload.

Yesterday, we did not have school because of a Holiday! So, we spent the day in Barcelona. Once we made it in town we took a lift to a castle. From the lift we got the most amazing view of the city.

Once we made it to the top of the lift, we had the opportunity to explore a castle that was used during war time. We met a policeman who told us the castle was over 3 centuries old. During wars, all of the town people would go inside the castle for protection. There were also cannons surrounding the castle. Since the castle was on top of the hill, it would have been a great place to bomb attacking enemies. From the castle, we had another amazing view of the city, along with a view of the Mediterranean Sea and the port. It was absolutely beautiful.

After the lift, we made our way by bus and by foot to the Mediterranean Sea. After about an hour of traveling, we finally made it to the beach for the first time!! I ran directly to the beach and put my feet in the Sea!! It was so exciting. The beach was smaller than the beaches one typically sees in Florida, but it was not as dirty or rocky as I had heard it described by people. While we were there, we saw a couple of surfers and sailboats. And, even though it was not warm, there were still a ton of people on the beach relaxing, reading, etc. (Since it was a holiday, most people were not working.)

Once we finished our time on the beach and in the sea, we headed to lunch, then back to Las Ramblas for a little more jewelry shopping, and lastly we made a quick stop at H&M before heading back to La Garriga.

Today was another good day at school. I taught 2nd and 3rd eso. During 2nd eso, we continued Mitosis. Today I had 2nd eso A for 2 periods, so during the first period they were given the assignment to take a song and change the words to deal with Mitosis. I gave them a few examples and then they had the whole period to come up with a song and practice. Then, when we met for the 2nd time that day, the students performed their songs. It actually went very well, and worked as a good review for the students since we had not met since Friday. Even though the students were pretty chatty today (because there was no school Monday or Tuesday and there is no school tomorrow), they really seemed to like the activity. Then during 3rd eso A and 3rd eso B, we played a game reviewing the male and female reproductive systems. The students were placed on 2 teams, and they actually got pretty competitive during the game. The game took about half of the class period, and then we continued with the female menstrual cycle.

We have tomorrow off because of another holiday, so we are headed back to Barcelona for probably our last day in the city. 😦 We plan on visiting the Park Guell by Gaudi, so I’m very excited!! 🙂


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