14 Dec

To start this blog, I must begin with a story of what happened in 3rd eso A today…The students in the class asked me to sing. I was very confused as to why they would want me to sing, because I do not have a good voice. They then told me that I had to have a good voice because I look like a music artist. Hm…I thought, a music artist…I wonder which one? They then went ahead and told me I look like Adele! Adele?? Well, I have to admit, that was definitely a new one…Never has anyone told me that I resemble Adele.

As for the rest of my day, it went very well! I successfully made it through 2nd eso A and B and 3rd eso A and B. We played a review game of mitosis and asexual reproduction in both 2nd eso A and B, and we took notes in 3rd eso A and B. I’ve really enjoyed teaching these classes, and I’m very sad that tomorrow will be my last day with these students. When I reminded the students that tomorrow will be my last day, the students in 3rd eso A all clapped for me and told me congratulations on graduation. One girl even raised her hand and told me that I will be a very good teacher when I return home, which is always nice to hear from a student. Tomorrow is our last day of classes at SEK, so I’m headed to bed to get some rest. I hope that I have made as much of a difference in my students’ lives as they have in mine.


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