Last Day at SEK.

14 Dec

Today was my final day at SEK. It has been a wonderful experience that I would not trade for anything. Today went very well. I taught 2nd eso A for 2 periods and 3rd eso A and B. In 2nd eso A we talked about meiosis and in 3rd eso A and B we continued with human reproduction. In the last 20 minutes of every class, I took the time to talk a little bit about the United States, myself, and the education system in Kentucky. I explained my university, Western Kentucky University, to them and showed them pictures of Big Red and the football team, basketball team, etc. I also explained our Red Towel tradition and sang the fight song for them (and after I sang it, each class gave me a round of applause:)). We also looked up WKU on Google maps, and I showed them spots on our campus such as Houchens/L.T. Smith Stadium and Feix Field, Diddle Arena, DUC, Preston Center, and a few of our academic buildings such as Gary Ransdell Hall and Tate Page Hall. They were so amazed by the size of our University campus! Even my supervising teacher was amazed at the size of the University and that we had so many stadiums/arenas on our campus. I then talked a little bit about our education system. Lastly, I gave each class a Big Red sticker that we placed in their classroom, and I gave each student a penny, which they really appreciated.

These past 4 weeks have been such a great experience. My cooperating teacher at SEK was very helpful. Before I left today I gave him a Red Towel to keep in the lab. I have really enjoyed my time in La Garriga and Barcelona, and it has taught me a lot about teaching and different strategies to use in my classroom. Time has flown, and I cannot believe my adventure in Spain will end in about 12 hours. WKU offered this great opportunity, and I am so glad that I had the chance to take it. I will miss my SEK students, but I can’t wait to get back to my family and friends, and I really can’t wait to start my new adventure in Grant Co. 🙂

ABOVE: 3rd eso B

ABOVE: 3rd eso A

ABOVE: 2nd eso A hard at work!

ABOVE: 2nd eso A


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