A few notes:)

15 Dec

Well it’s 5:30 am here and I have a few minutes before our ride arrives to take us to the airport. There are a few more things that I want to make sure I get down so that I do not forget them.

The first one being that I absolutely loved our cook. Even though she did not know one word of English, she was so friendly and nice to us. She helped us numerous times, by washing our clothes, sheets, and towels, and she always brought us a yummy dinner and a loaf of bread to go with it! She also snuck us some extra chocolates 🙂 Yesterday we made her a little gift that consisted of a Red Towel, an Eiffel Tower key chain from Paris, a Kentucky map, a few snacks we brought from America, and an American dollar (which she told us she would laminate and use as a bookmark), and we wrote her a note thanking her for all she had for us. She was so excited for the gifts that she called us her children, told us she would miss us, and then went in for 2 big kisses!

Another thing I want to make sure I don’t forget is the arrangement of the school. I’m in the secondary building. The first floor is reception, the second floor is 1st and 2nd eso, the third floor is 3rd and 4th eso, the next 2 floors are Baccalaureate floors and labs, then their is a residence floor for the GAP students (The other students who are here teaching for a full year. They work primarily with the primary students.), and lastly is our flat. Each floor is pretty much divided in half, one side for each eso level. Then each eso level has 3 classrooms, A, B, and C. Two of the 3 rooms are enclosed with a glass wall and windows and the 3rd room is open with no doors or outer wall. (Which makes it very difficult when teaching. The students are easily distracted by people passing and if there is an activity where they talk, there voices echo through the whole hall and it gets loud.) In the middle of the 3 classrooms is just an open commons area for the whole eso. In the commons area there are desks, lockers, and portable laptops that can be used by the students in that eso.

My cooperating teacher was very nice. He was from Ireland and this was his first year at SEK, and from what I understood, it was his first year as a full time teacher. He also spoke no Spanish or Catalan, which sometimes made it difficult to talk to the other staff members who did not know any English.

My schedule:

  • School started at 9:30.
  • There were 3 classes from 9:30 – noon.
  • There was a breakfast break from noon to 12:30 everyday. During this break, we were served sandwiches, fruits, and coffee. Mondays and Fridays we always received sweets. On Mondays, they typically gave us nutella on bread or a chocolate bar with bread (which was surprisingly delicious!). On Fridays, we usually received some type of pastery.
  • There were 2 classes from 12:30 – 2:10.
  • Lunch started at 2:10 and ended at 3:30. However, the cafeteria stopped serving at 3:00.
  • There were 2 classes from 3:30 – 5:10.
  • Then, the day ended at 5:10 and all the students left for home.
  • Something that was very different that I noticed was that there were no daily announcements made over the intercom. There was also no bell to indicate that school started or ended.

Well those are just a few rough notes from the top of my head! I’m going to finish packing and then head home! I may be back to do some editing if I think of somethings on my trip home.


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